WizG has started off 2020 on a strong note with his first single of the year, "My Young Love" featuring Sissy. Between lush vocals, rich instrumentals, and relatable, story-driven verses, the track has all the right ingredients for widespread placement in DJ sets as festival season approaches.

Understated sonic elements give Sissy's vocals room to shine in the beginning part of the track. At the drop, however, electrifying pads meet with distorted electric guitar samples in such a way that the resulting sonic crescendo takes you out of the present and transports you to a simpler time and place.

Born in Santa Monica, California, WizG (real name Josh Wizan) has carved out a path for himself over the past couple years. His fusion of pop and future bass has landed him bookings in his current city of Los Angeles as well as high-profile collaborations. Among them are "Do Or Die" featuring Denny White and "I Don't Love You" featuring CAPPA, both of which came out in 2019.

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