Los Angeles DJ/producer Steve Aoki teamed up with Korean boy band BTS on "Waste It On Me" back in October, strengthening their international bond. As of today, two Dutchmen are also in the mix. W&W has delivered a remix of the single fit for main stages of monumental scale.

W&W take the tempo up several notches in their "Waste It On Me" remix. The song is still driven by BTS' memorable vocal - until the drop, that is. Grandiose synth stacks invigorate the motif of the original with an energy sure to send a thousands-deep crowd into ecstatic motion.

Although BTS stands for "Beyond The Scene," the seven-member group has also performed under the stage name Bangtan Boys. After their 2013 debut, the Korean boy band have received numerous accolades and had albums chart on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Stream the W&W remix of "Waste It On Me" by Steve Aoki and BTS on Spotify here.


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