The music video for YehMe2's latest single "Childish" dropped today, in celebration of Father's Day. The new single and accompanying music video features YehMe2 spending a carefree day with his two sons, Lex and Ryder.

YehMe2 dedicated the release "to all the dads out there who show up and give it their all." The spritely single features playful crosstalk between the father of two and his boys before crescendoing synths transition into a chorus of colorful textures. The song's lead embodies a pitch-bending quality that captures the feeling of a breezy summer day seemingly melting away in a flash. The video mirrors that sentiment as the three spend a memorable day at the park and on the beach as though time is no object.

This is not the first time YehMe2's kids have been involved with their father's career. Recently, the veteran trap tastemaker stole the show during a livestream performance when one of his sons came into the room dressed as Batman. The wholesome set, which was performed straight from the producer's kitchen and featured several appearances from his family, quickly became a top highlight from the debut Digital Mirage virtual festival.