Whether it’s a sunrise, sunset or main stage performance, Yheti is perhaps one of the best at matching the vibe of his audience and surroundings. On Friday, the Ohio-born producer dropped an 11-track solo LP, The Party Has Changed, that does just that, reflecting his perspective on the current state of bass music.

Yheti (real name Tyler Holler) has been a staple of the bass music scene for over a decade now. With the proliferation of alternative bass in recent years, he’s become one of its biggest names. The new album debuts almost exactly a year after his EP, Deformed, and much like the opener on that project, this LP kicks off with a thematic, slower intro accented by sweeping synths and snapping snare kicks - or “3 Hits." As the opener culminates in a barrage of drums, it leads the listener into “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way," a song that begins to pick up hype with its wailing siren backing.

If the first two tracks were the listener gracefully falling down the rabbit hole, “Signals From Above” is that journey abruptly crashing to the floor - but in a good way. The track introduces a neurostep bass jolt reminiscent of the Zebbler Encanti Experience project, and introduces a sound that feels directly influenced by modern bass. 

"I'm really inspired by all the music I hear at festivals, on the internet, and in my head," said Holler, who reached out to EDM.com just days before the release. "Musically, I want to create a collage of all the elements in contemporary electronic music that effect my reality in a positive way, in balance with what I perceive affects others in a similar way."

The simplistic undertones and deep bass rhythms Yheti's known for are intact here; most of The Party Has Changed predominantly sits at a slower 70-80 bpm range. Warped melodies and explosive, fast-paced wobbled are also sprinkled in on this LP too (as in “Yo” and “Life”).

"'Life' is meant to represent the feeling of melancholy when reflecting on a complex lifetime lived," said Holler. "Every relationship, regardless of how beautiful, is riddled with dissonance. But it's the dissonance which amplifies the contrast allowing the beauty to become so vivid." 

With this new project, Yheti keeps with his signature sound while providing fresh, wide-ranging tunes for the incoming festival season.

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