With no booths to tear up and no stages to grace due to the impact of COVID-19, electronic music producers have been cranking out some of the most inspired music of their careers while under lockdown. While the music industry has been hit especially hard, musicians have used this time to support each other while honing in on their creativity to connect with fans in new and exciting ways.

Enter renowned bass producer Yultron, who recently arrived on Kayzo's Welcome Records with "Dyemonds," an absolute flamethrower of a hybrid trap tune.

Yultron is known for his ability to bulldoze genre boundaries and push the envelope of bass music forward with innovative sound design, which is exactly what he does here. Eschewing his penchant for psy-trance, Yultron stays in the same BPM lane while opting for a half-time arrangement as opposed to four-on-the-floor, uncorking a riotous trap tune that is bursting at the seams with rave flair.

From the track's fluttering arpeggios to the subtle vocoding of its hip-hop-inspired vocal sample, Yultron's nuanced sound design is on full display here. The drops are also fresh and forward-thinking, with frenetic, quirky synths and metallic vowel bass patches that run roughshod throughout the booming low end. Never one to employ cookie-cutter production tactics, he closes out "Dyemonds" by syncopating and pitching the bass elements of the second drop, which his just as hard as the first.

You can stream and download "Dyemonds" via your favorite platform here.


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