Back in December, Zedd teased the follow-up to his 2015 album True Colors in response to a fan's tweet. Since then he's been rather quiet on the details surrounding the release, but fans have been begging to learn more. Knowing this, he recently gave fans an update on when they should expect his next body of work. 

He stated that fans should not expect the album to come out "soon" as he believes in taking his time and making sure things are perfect. While those eager to hear the next album may be slightly disappointed that it's not releasing imminently, they can sleep well knowing that he is putting his all into the next project and not sacrificing quality for time. In the meantime, he promised fans "other stuff" to help tide them over while he works. 

While he hasn't specifically declared what the "other stuff" may be, many wonder if he's alluding to his mega-collab with Martin Garrix, which has been described by the Dutch artist as "crazy, very weird, different."

H/T: EDMTunes