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North Yorkshire police have excoriated a bizarre event in which they say a 13-year-old girl's birthday party devolved into an "all-night techno rave" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report by Yorkshire Live, the event started out as a run-of-the-mill birthday party at the start of the night, but after the children left, it eventually turned into a miniature rave thrown by the adult organizers, whose actions authorities blasted as "extremely irresponsible." According to the report, the party, which could be heard five miles away, became "out of control" and continued into the following morning, eliciting a deluge of complaints to police.

Councillor Keane Duncan, head of the Ryedale District Council, publicly slammed the party. "This was, in effect, a rave involving 10 to 20 people near Tara Park. It was a 13-year-old's birthday that has gotten out of control," he said. "We are talking about music blasting so loud it caused major disturbance to thousands of residents within a five mile radius of Malton. Many were left unable to sleep on Saturday night and it then started again on Sunday afternoon."

"Police had turned up and given advice but it was not followed," Duncan continued. "In the end, police had to issue a dispersal order after warnings were ignored. As a council we take this very seriously. Officers are working with police to ensure this doesn’t happen again and that those responsible are dealt with."



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