3LAU is set to become the latest artist to join in on the non-fungible token trend.

Coming later this week is a new song from the producer on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. On Twitter, he shared an image of what appears to be the cover art for the new blockchain-powered single, titled "Everything."

For those unfamiliar with non-fungible tokens or NFT, they are essentially digital items one can collect. As detailed on Nifty Gateway's website, the concept is similar to earning a new weapon in a video game or a skin for your in-game character. The difference lies in the fact that each item is stored on the blockchain, so they are exclusively yours and can never be deleted.

Early last month, deadmau5 joined in on the NFT fun and released his own pack of collectibles. Not long after that, he would team up with Mad Dog Jones for a new collection. To demonstrate how popular these virtual items have become, one piece sold for $66,717.

3LAU's first-ever NFT release is slated to hit the blockchain on Friday, January 22nd, 2021. For more information on how to start your own digital collection, you can check out the Nifty Gateway marketplace.


Facebook: facebook.com/DJ3LAU
Twitter: twitter.com/3LAU
Instagram: instagram.com/3lau
Spotify: spoti.fi/3hgZvgI



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