The ongoing pandemic has ravaged the live music industry, eliminating shows across the globe at an unprecedented rate. To remedy the loss of live music, many artists have taken to livestreaming services in an attempt to simulate what we once were able to enjoy. 3LAU has taken a different route this time around, partnering with Blockparty and Slime Sunday to provide a unique audiovisual experience.

Blockparty is a New York-based company that gives creators a platform to sell digital collectibles. These collectibles can be traded or sold through its own NTF marketplace and creators can then offer rewards to those who purchase the collectibles. 3LAU's collaboration with Slime Sunday is the first music drop sold on Blockparty's marketplace and will allow purchasers to reap other rewards once live shows begin again, such as merch or VIP access. Although 3LAU's collection has already sold through, fans can check out a teaser via a recent tweet. 

"For musicians, the ability to transform our work into new media is always exciting and Blockparty has provided the ideal platform for me to continue engaging with my fans in a completely new way,” said 3LAU in a press release. "With the incredible potential of digital music collectibles, the fan experience can be completely transformed, whether it’s providing the rush of a live concert or later reaping the benefits of owning the collectible in the real-world."

It'll be interesting to see who Blockparty partners with in the future and what other digital collectibles will be offered, as well as how these collectibles will affect an owner's real-world experience at a live show.

Check out Blockparty here.





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