In one of his more interesting interviews in recent memory, Alesso played a virtual game of "Truth or Drink" with a fan. Moderated by the popular YouTube channel Cut, the Swedish DJ/producer and a fan had to answer very personal questions from a deck of cards or take a drink in lieu of spilling the beans. By "personal," we don't mean your typical "tell us about your childhood"-style questions. This wide-ranging interview went as far as asking the EDM festival headliner if he's ever had sex to his own music. 

In addition to the previously mentioned question, he was asked about before-show nerves, groupies, and drugs, while the fan was asked to reveal her least-favorite Alesso song and to sing a portion of one of his tracks. 

Last month, Alesso teamed up with former One Direction member Liam Payne for their uplifting spring anthem "Midnight." Earlier this week, he also joined Marshmello and The Chainsmokers at Chantel Jeffries' virtual dinner party.