In an interview with the Daily Star, Aloe Blacc referenced that he still has several unreleased collaborations and ideas that he started working on with Avicii—projects he hopes will eventually see the light of day. 

The powerhouse singer-songwriter behind two of Avicii's biggest hits, "SOS" and "Wake Me Up," has been vocal in years past about having several works with Avicii in progress. He indicated that he's been in contact with Avicii's team about the unreleased tracks in question, but they are ultimately still pending approval for official release.

"I have a few tracks but I am not certain if his record label or family will release them," Blacc told The Star's "Wired" column. "It's really up to them but some songs are finished and some are not."

Blacc suggested that without Avicii present to give his final blessing, the release process is inherently more difficult. The two co-wrote "Wake Me Up" together, which was released in 2013 and has since amassed over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone. While "SOS" was released on Avicii's posthumous album, Tim, the producer's notes left a clear indication that he had reserved the production for Aloe Blacc.

To that end, Blacc isn't pushing it, and says the final decision as to whether or not any additional collaborations are released is out of his control at the moment. "I am just leaving it in the hands of the people that can make those decisions," he said.

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