COVID-19 has put global festivals, conferences, and major gatherings on ice, and until a vaccine or effective treatment hits the market, it is difficult to imagine most large-scale events taking place. 

However, attention is now turning to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which is currently still on the books for 2020. The 25th edition of the event is currently scheduled for late October. At the moment, major events in the Netherlands have been banned until September 1st, and subsequent guidelines for events taking place after that date have yet to be issued. 

Despite the many hurdles ahead, ADE organizers have not yet cancelled their 2020 event, but they are closely monitoring government regulations. ADE is a bit unique in the sense that it is a collection of showcases, meetings, and conferences. It is significant for commerce as well since much of the dance music industry's official business is set in motion for the forthcoming year by the attending industry professionals.

Given the economic significance, there are certainly many stakeholders who would like to see ADE happen. Furthermore, the event's structure as a collection of smaller parties rather than one centralized event may allow for it to move forward in some limited capacity. The circumstances are providing shreds of hope, but at this point the idea remains nothing more than a marginal possibility.

Amsterdam Dance Event is currently scheduled to take place October 21st to 25th.