Prior to the release of his album Syro in 2014, Aphex Twin's logo began to appear on billboards worldwide and even on a blimp in London. Fans knew that something new from the legendary producer was on the way, but didn't know what it was until Aphex Twin himself took to the dark web(!) to announce the album. 

Now, cryptic billboards emblazoned with the iconic Aphex Twin logo have once again popped up around the globe. Sightings of the billboards have been reported from London, Bristol, Los Angeles, and Berlin, and fans worldwide are now eager to see what's in store. 

Music equipment manufacturer Novation shared a post of one of the billboards, sparking speculation that the brand has partnered with Aphex Twin to announce a new software or piece of equipment. Novation previously worked with Aphex Twin on the Bass Station II's AFX mode.

If the mysterious message is an album announcement, it will be Aphex Twin's first since his Collapse EP, which was released in September 2018. However, Novation's Instagram post promises more info to come on October 20th, so fans will have to wait until then for more to be revealed. Hopefully, they won't have to browse the dark web to find out. 

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