Apple Music has finally launched a web-based streaming option for laptop and desktop listeners. The move to provide web-based support comes nearly five years after Apple Music's initial launch.

Previously, the popular streaming service was only available to mobile users. However, in September of 2019, the company began beta testing a web player version. Now, subscribers can access the web player, which includes several core search features, including "Radio." The company intends to add more features as time progresses.

Apple Music Web Player

Apple Music Web Player

Apple Music is now achieving level ground in terms of platform support with competitors, like Spotify and Amazon Music, both of which also have mobile and web-based applications. Despite its previous web-app deficiency, Apple Music has courted over 60 million subscribers. That figure tops Amazon Music's subscriber count, but is dwarfed by Spotify's base of over 100 million subscribers globally. 

According to Comscore, over 96% of music streamers access their preferred services using mobile devices. While there may not be a whole lot of upside in terms of garnering new users with the launch of its web app, the move is a step toward Apple's goal of becoming a more ubiquitous streaming option.