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Las Vegas music festival Life Is Beautiful set the internet ablaze this week after suggesting the "aliens" behind the AREA21 duo are landing in Sin City for their first-ever live performance.

Posting a visual of a neon prism, Life Is Beautiful told fans "they've landed and this isn't the only clue they've left." The inclusion of the prism is significant given AREA21's recurring use of the symbol in all of their recent cover art. The festival's flyer also features a holding spot near the top for what will be a major special guest, which lends credence to the suggestion that Martin Garrix and Maejor's collaborative alias could be the act to fit the bill. 

Life Is Beautiful kicked off yesterday, September 17th, so fans should find out imminently this weekend as to whether the teasers are in fact tied to AREA21.

Since arriving on the scene in cryptic fashion in 2016, fans have been hungry to see the duo play live. The feverish desire has kicked into overdrive, however, with the duo's return from a near two-year hiatus in early 2021. 

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