AREA21 are trying to tell us something.

The collaborative alias of Martin Garrix and Maejor sent an email to today, March 24th, containing an audio file with a cryptic radio transmission message. We are unable to confirm who exactly the speaker is due to their concealment via voice modulation, but they are clearly signaling something big on the horizon. "Hello. We are coming," the voice says before asking fans to join them on a "mission."

Back in October 2020, Garrix confirmed the imminent return of AREA21, saying the duo "basically made a whole album" in an interview. They then went on to wipe their social media accounts in January 2021 before teasing the album later that month.

AREA21's message was also broadcast in an Instagram Story, which was captured and shared via Twitter. You can listen to it below.





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Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix performing while pyrotechnics/fireworks go off in the background.

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