Earlier in the week it came to light that Armin van Buuren would release his next studio-length album in roughly a month. The Dutch superstar DJ/producer has now announced that the album will go by the title Balance and is due for official release on October 25th.

If his releases so far in 2019 serve as any indicator, Balance will likely consist of songs mostly falling on the big room range of the EDM spectrum. Fans of van Buuren's yesteryear trance classics were already appeased with his and Benno De Goeij's debut album under their Gaia alias. 

Boasting a music career spanning over two decades that awarded him DJ Mag's #1 DJ in the world honor five separate years, van Buuren has built a veritable EDM empire. His record label, Armada Music, remains one of the largest independent enterprises of its kind.

Armin van Buuren also wrote that more details regarding Balance will be revealed tomorrow.


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