Armin van Buuren's "pure trance" side project Gaia has delivered its debut album. Gaia is a collaborative effort between Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij, two longtime collaborators whose work together dates back as early as 2006. 

In Greek mythology, Gaia was a deity that personified the planet Earth. Keeping with the interplanetary theme, Gaia's album Moons of Jupiter takes listeners on an extraordinary path through space and time. The album is mixed to create one cohesive journey from start to finish, enveloping the listener in a diverse set of soundscapes along the way. 

As a project, Gaia has been developing with a long-term outlook. The group first took shape in 2009, but did not play their first show until Ultra Music Festival in 2014. Now, nearly ten years after their inception, their first album is finally here. While the project is clearly a side focus for both producers, its roots within trance have put the project in increasing demand given Armin van Buuren's solo shift toward mainstream pop in recent years.

Listen to Gaia's full debut album "Moons of Jupiter" here.