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Legendary trance music producer Armin van Buuren has partnered with Sensorium Galaxy as a headliner and one of the first artists to perform in the company's futuristic PRISM world. He'll be DJing in VR alongside Charlotte de Witte, Black Coffee, and Carl Cox, among other dance music superstars.

The ambitious Sensorium Galaxy venture aims to influence the intersection of music festivals and virtual reality video games. Attendees will be able to move through the world as avatars and experience the shows through the artist's eyes, and even get a digital autograph or virtual selfie.

"The virtual environment that Sensorium is building allows artists to set their imagination free and create unprecedented shows that are impossible in real life," van Buuren said in a press release. "By not being subjected to the laws of physics and the boundaries of the real world, I can develop performances where the immersive environment becomes a part of the show, and my fans from all over the world can feel the real vibes of live shows and become active participants of the event. Utilizing Sensorium's technology, this will be the closest thing fans will experience to a real show, as well as a new form of art."

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We recently interviewed Sensorium's AI avatars in real-time. The AI's purpose will have multiple functions: some will provide an endless stream of music in a live performance setting while others will be residents of the Sensorium ecosystem. They hold the functionality to interact with festival-goers and create new experiences within the hyper-futuristic world of PRISM.

Sensorium's "The Chosen Ones" campaign will feature short videos directed by Dutch film director Rogier Schalken with graphics conceptualized and created by Academy Award-winning studio The Mill, The Night Life, and High Scream. Everything was developed with the artistic guidance from Yann Pissenem, CEO and Founder of The Night League and proprietor of world-renowned clubs Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Register to get early access to Sensorium's PRISM World here



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