A game changer is one to break the rules of the norm. But that's nothing new for Armin van Buuren, the undisputed God of Trance music, who manages to outdo himself rather often.

Whether it’s new music or incredible production during his live sets to add to that experience, we can almost put nothing beyond him now.

While dance music has had some queer firsts and records (Think: Dada Life’s largest pillow fight record?!) Armin went on to set another first time ever kind of record recently. And while we’d call this one anything but easy, he became the first DJ ever to play upside down in a 360 degree rotating DJ booth! And when we say upside down we mean literally upside down with his feet in the air.

This massive rotating DJ booth made its debut at Rotterdam Ahoy which was a part of the epic Dutch tradition of Vrienden van Amstel. The event is an annual musical extravaganza which brings together the who’s who of the music industry from the country, and lord knows how many iconic musicians come from there! Celebrating its 20th year, the event spanned over 14 days and saw Armin perform at four different times during each of these days.

As Armin went on to divulge in his Vlog #33, this performance was being planned and worked on for months on end. While getting the rotating booth ready took 2-3 months to execute, there were hours on end of testing and practice that Armin himself had to put in for this performance to go off as flawlessly as it did. The spherical booth had the capability to drift over the crowd all while rotating a full 360 degrees.

We can only imagine how exhilarating it would be to have your blood rush straight to your head while you’re playing a set in a spherical booth drifting over 15,000 attendees! But at the same time the thrill of actually getting to experience that from an audience perspective as well! Well, while it remains to be seen if will Armin take this stage around the world for more performances over the year, but the real question is could this be preparation for a performance in Space like Ruben De Ronde pointed out in the beginning of ASOT 850, we’ll just wait and watch! Ok, maybe not just yet!

H/T: Mixmag