Brisbane clubbers looking to grab a late-night shish kebab instead ended up forming a shish ke-mob. You'll understand that cheesy pun in a moment.

Shah Kebabs, a kebab restaurant nestled in a popular Brisbane nightclub district, is currently under investigation for hosting an illicit impromptu dance party amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to a number of videos gaining traction on TikTok, many people crammed into the tiny shop in Brisbane’s Brunswick Street Mall on Sunday, August 23rd to gather and dance.

Footage obtained by 7NEWS Brisbane shows patrons—the vast majority without masks—ignoring social distancing guidelines in the shop as they party to Danzel’s iconic single "Pump It Up."

Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski publicly denounced the party and announced an investigation into both the kebab shop and the partiers involved. "That is extremely disappointing that kind of behavior," he said. "The message to all of those persons - and a lot of them are young people I have to say, so sorry young people - is have a think before you go out and think about the impacts of your not abiding by social distancing in the community and what that means."

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Gollschewski went on to further decry the young people at the unauthorized event, blasting their actions as a risk to the Brisbane community. "We’ve had too many instances of people affected by alcohol, misbehaving, assaulting police, assaulting security guards," he continued. "While this sort of thing may well happen in normal times in our community, what’s really clear is that this exacerbates the risk to our community at the moment."

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