It's been 4 months since we lost one of the greatest pioneers of dance music. The world was devastated to find out Avicii had suddenly died from an apparent suicide at the young age of 28. On April 20th, he was found lifeless in his hotel room in Oman.

Since then, tributes for Avicii have flooded in from artists and fans around the world. Tiesto was one of the many to show their love, paying tribute at EDC Las Vegas 2018 by playing a 12-minute long mix of Avicii's greatest hits. 

Now, when you visit his website, you will see that it has transformed into a beautiful digital memorial. "The Avicii Memory Board" allows you to leave your fondest memories or sweet messages of the talented artist. Here are a few that touched our hearts:

ALEKSANDRA - "Thank you for being my lifetime inspiration, unreplaceable role model and person which I will carry around in my heart forever. I will try to find love and happiness and hope that you will see me from above so we can share it. I want you to be happy. You already have love. Wish u could feel it before too.. Also, many times I feel weak and then I remember you and do things in your honor. You will live forever Tim, you really will. Irreplaceable. Take care our beloved one. 08.09.1898."

HS - "Avicii created tracks that changed my life. Levels was my first step into the electronic music world. Today I love making music, and I owe it to Avicii. Thank you Tim. You'll never be forgotten."

TORSTEN - "Tim, your music has helped me survive many mental problems such as anxiety and depression! I am so grateful for just being able to listen to your music. It is so uplifting and inspiring at the same time. Your songs and the positive energy of them have such big value in my life. I couldn't think of a life without your music. I love your music and yourself as a person. You showed to all of us that there's only one thing that's important in life. It is to Live a life we will remember! Thanks! RIP."

ALYSON - "As I sit here in bed I rember all the fantastic moments I saw him I am a mother my daughter at 18years said for her 18 th birthday she wanted to be at Ushuaia I’m Ibiza to see him we saw him and meat him it was the most amazing time I thank god we did his music was amazing we have seen him all over the world I Liston to avicii. All the time and made feel so happy not only has he inspired the young also the older generation I sit here writing this and crying doing this such a talent"

Read or add to the memory board here.

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