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As time continues to pass, the memory of Avicii will never fade into darkness. The late dance music legend passed over two years ago, but to this day his music continues to inspire. Throughout his illustrious career, he blossomed into a figurehead of the EDM scene, helping to bring the genre into the mainstream light. You could tune into any old Avicii set in 2020 and it will hit just as hard—he's truly a gift who keeps giving. 

While it may seem as if we've gone through all the old Avicii sets by now, there still are some that have yet to be unearthed. Enter SiriusXM, who unveiled and broadcasted a never-before-heard Avicii set as part of their recent Virtual DisDance Festival.

The set comes to us straight out of 2011 and features some of the most iconic Avicii IDs that never made it to an official release. With this one-hour performance, you can relive his "Rolling Bootleg" of "Nothing Without Adele," his "Avicii Meets Yellow Mix" of Bob Sinclar's "New New New," his "Replacer Remix" of Toni Braxton's "Make My Heart," and his club mix of Robyn's "Hang With Me."

You can listen to the set in full below. Fair warning, if you haven't heard an Avicii set in a while, this could bring out the tears.

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