It has been quite the year for house music ever since the Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra Music Festival's 20th anniversary this year.

Since that reunion, many questions have flooded the internet pertaining to the trio's next reunion show and new music. The rumor mill has been working overtime along with whispers between everybody in the rave community. To put those whispers to bed is no other than one of the Swedish House Mafia members, Sebastion Ingrosso. In a recent interview with Metro, Ingrosso explains more on the idea of Swedish House Mafia's comeback and what will happen to Axwell ^ Ingrosso.

He explains in the interview that shifting all focus on Swedish House Mafia will be the direction they are headed into for 2019. The end of the summer is when new music will start to be worked on more than it already has been. For now, it seems like the timeline to see Axwell ^ Ingrosso is slowly dwindling down. If the two are coming to a city near you then do not pass up that opportunity. It will be the perfect treat before the real gift is set to return in 2019. 

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