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A week after officially announcing his upcoming mixtape series THE LOCKDOWN MIXTAPES on Twitter, Bassnectar took to the platform again yesterday to provide an update on the project's first iteration.

If Nectar fans weren't already seething with anticipation, they are now after he divulged the titillating news that the mix, which is titled ""Inside For The People," will include two unreleased tracks from his forthcoming album All Colors

Previously describing the initiative as "...a series of custom-crafted mixtape journeys," Bassnectar also revealed that "Inside For The People" will also feature a number of exclusive edits, flips, and "unique versions" that are bound to be breathtaking considering he tweeted on April 16th that he's "been neck deep in labs, daydreaming and fine tuning" the mix, also writing that it "is BANG. ING."

Moreover, Bassnectar is hosting an interactive listening party at 9PM PST this Friday, where fans can join in and revel in what is going to be a doozy of a live stream event.





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