EDM artists have been bringing out the big guns to make COVID-19 quarantines more amenable. Bassnectar has joined them by giving fans more to look forward to: namely audiovisual set recordings, mixtapes, and what he’s referred to as a “secret album.”

Bassnectar (real name Lorin Ashton) took to Twitter to whet fans’ appetites for the veritable wealth of new music. In regards to the album he wrote, “restructuring schedules but it’s incoming,” perhaps suggesting that the endeavor’s release has been pulled forward on account of coronavirus-related tour cancellations.

Ashton has performed and released music as Bassnectar since the turn of the millennium, with the EDM boom of 2010-2013 elevating his career to its current status. In recent years he has said that the moniker represents a collaborative project, not any one individual.

Ashton has yet to disclose a title, release date or any additional information for his upcoming album at the time of writing.


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