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Bassnectar has arguably one of the most loyal fan bases in the world of electronic music. Nectar's fans have been eagerly anticipating some new music and perhaps even a live stream DJ set from him while the world remains under social distancing protocols. Though the bass heavyweight made it quite clear that he wouldn't be live streaming a DJ set, he has just announced a series of new mixtapes that will tide bass heads over for the time being. 

The Lockdown Mixtapes are described by Bassnectar himself as "a series of custom-crafted mixtape journeys centered on select cuts from this summer's forthcoming album ALL COLORS." No telling exactly how much new music will be featured or how long each mixtape will be, but it's new Nectar nonetheless.

First up in the series is Inside For The People. The release date has been announced as May 1st, so there's not much longer to wait. And for those fans who may have been upset about not getting to witness a live-streamed DJ set, an interactive online listening experience will be taking place for Inside For The People, which just might be the next best thing.  

Full details will be announced via Bassnectar's socials in the coming days. 

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