When Mat Zo announced earlier this August that he was back to making Trance, accompanied with a picture of him with the trio who is nearly at a royalty status when it comes to Trance, Above & Beyond, the levels of excitement were pretty much next level. 


After dropping his, This Is A Mad Zoo EP and accompanying tour earlier this summer, Mat Zo has been steadily gaining our attention back. He will also be joining longtime friend and collaborator Porter Robinson on his Virtual Self Utopia tour over the next couple of months! His most recent release “Meaning Lost All Words” on Oliver Smith‘s Anjunabeats Worldwide 08 compilation is an uplifting trance anthem with a streak of signature Mat Zo creativity. 

In 2016, Mat Zo released his second studio album Self Assemble, which he hinted might be one of his last works and almost a farewell of sorts due to his disenchantment with the EDM scene in the then-recent past. He had signed off saying,

“This album is sort of my last send-off before I go and do other things in life. It feels like I’m ready to go and venture off into other realms.”

But in July of this year, he made a relieving revelation through a Reddit AMA that he had changed his mind and was, in fact, working on a third studio album. Cementing such claims only further with follow-up social media posts and release plus announcements. To mark his return to Above & Beyond's imprint, Anjunabeats, the label dropped a two-hour continuous mix of "The Best Of Mat Zo!"

Showcasing an array of how powerful the artist's releases have been over the years, whether this mix is a hint of his much-awaited studio album dropping soon or not as is highly contemplated still remains to be seen! While the speculations are now more so skyrocketing since a similar Best of Yotto Mix was followed by his album dropping just a few days ago, Mat Zo's above caption on the post where he shared the mix is only adding fuel to the fire! 

 We can't say much yet, but this mix should sure tide you over till that album drops, which we only hope its sooner than later!