The infamous face of Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland, is ready to tell his side of the story about how "the greatest party that never happened" all went down. 

You may be surprised to hear that McFarland seems to have had a coming to terms with the role of his involvement in the disastrous event. "When I think about the mistakes that were made and what happened, there's no way that I can describe it but just, 'What the fuck was I thinking?" McFarland told The Daily Mail.

Of course, the marketing "guru" has a top-notch name for his forthcoming tell-all podcast: "Dumpster Fyre." McFarland recorded the podcast in a series of 15-minute phone interviews from the Elkton Federal Correctional Institution, where he is serving a six-year sentence.

"Dumpster Fyre" promises to take listeners behind the scenes of Fyre Festival's biggest blunders from the founder's point of view. McFarland also discusses his subsequent venture, NYC VIP Access, a fake ticketing scheme that scored him an additional three counts of fraud. 

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The first episode of "Dumpster Fyre" is now live on Apple Music. You can listen here.


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