Will the youth of Goa and the multitude of tourists be forced to bid the Indian mecca of partying, Goa, an undue goodbye with the government and authorities slamming down on nightlife to deal with the drug culture? We’re sure hoping not!

The state of Goa in Western India, has been known as a rave and dance music mecca for the continent is a hotspot for it’s nightlife and beaches. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the Ibiza of the East with it’s parties that run from nights into mornings along the sandy beaches with electronic music at it’s heart.

Home for 9 editions of India’s famed Sunburn Festival and then a couple of editions of Supersonic by Viacom 18, Goa is definitely up there on the list of party hubs in the world. From Armin Van Burren to Avicii, Hardwell to Carl Cox, you name them and it's more than likely that they’ve played a set in Goa at some point and absolutely loved it too! And yes, Anjuna beach in Goa IS where an absolute favorite label name was inspired from too, Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats.

Goa - Curlies

What began as a major crackdown this April on ending all parties in Goa with a 10pm deadline to discourage the free flow of drugs in the state, has now gained momentum after the suspected drug related death of two youths last weekend at a rave in North Goa. To add to the ongoing controversy regarding the drug culture in Goa, this just made things worse. The two incidents that occurred at separate rave parties at the popular Anjuna Beach. Pravin Sundaran from Tamil Nadu and Nidam Abdulla from Kerala are both said to have passed away in a private hospital near by from suspected drug overdosing.

The former Portuguese enclave known to lure millions of tourists, local and international alike, every year with its nightlife, sandy beaches and laid-back coastal atmosphere has been marred with the aftermaths alcohol and drug abuse. The state has been marred by controversy surrounding high-profile crimes, also involving drugs and alcohol. But amidst increasing attention on crime in the area, particularly around drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling, Goa will now start enforcing a ban on events after 10 PM.

In the wake of such events, the Goa government has asked the police department to crack down on late night rave parties held on beaches and remote places where agencies suspect drugs are widely consumed. Strict instructions have been issued to the police to stop late night rave parties as per what Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar mentioned.

“Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed," Parrikar said to the media. "Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped."

As part of their crackdown on narcotics trade, the police arrested at least five people since the incident from North Goa's notorious beach belt, including the owner of Curlies, an institution known for its Psytrance parties and since the early times.

H/T: Mixmag and Business Standard