Burning Man Project, a nonprofit that supports the global Burning Man community and produces the annual beloved Burning Man event in Black Rock City, today announced the launch of a new virtual shared live experience platform called Kindling.

The goal of the new portal is to immerse fans into Burning Man culture via the virtual space through specially curated experiences. Its launch is a direct result of Burning Man's tragic cancellation of its 2020 iteration due to the impact of COVID-19, which was announced back in April.

At the time, Burning Man Project CEO Marian Goodell expressed optimism for the future and alluded to a looming virtual event, which is now coming into fruition with Kindling. "Since we can't gather in person, Kindling is your space to explore live experiences being created by instigators in the BMan community & beyond," said organizers in a tweet.

Through Kindling, Burning Man fans are offered five actions: Gather, Experience, Play, Co-Learn, and Ignite. Each one is centered around the idea of engagement through unique shared live experiences, like Desert Arts 3View, a three-segment virtual event that celebrating the community’s creative vision, and special panels about art and design. Fans are able to discover virtual parties, performances, screenings, and celebrations on the platform, which are curated by those in the Burning Man community, and attend. They will also be able to engage with and gain access to unique insights from thought leaders, storytellers, and creative leaders.

Another unique component of Kindling is its capability for anyone to host a live experience within the platform. If you're planning a live experience that you'd like to be considered for inclusion on Kindling, simply navigate to the "Kindle A Project" button and submit your event. Moreover, those willing to donate can do so with a fully tax-deductible contribution.

You can explore Kindling and all of its incredible experiences at its official website.


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