Carl Cox's livestream series "Cabin Fever" took another 90s twist for its tenth episode. Last week, the iconic producer promised if his ninth episode, also a 90s-themed event, was well received, then he'd be back with with another full hour of old-school house music. 

Listeners got even more than they bargained for, though, as Cox returned with a two-hour throwback event, which was orchestrated by the expert tastemaker on three vinyl decks. Cox completed the setup by performing against a backdrop of 1990s rave footage. 

As one of house music's most timeless tastemakers, Cox was well equipped as always with the deep cuts that seemingly transported his dedicated fans back in time. For some, the event was nostalgic as they recalled seeing Cox himself during the era. Another listener was reflecting on the present moment, seemingly in disbelief that now, 30 years later, he could watch Cox perform on his cell phone while making dinner at home. 

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