Carnage Says Opening DJs Should Always "Bang It Out" Regardless of Headline Act

Carnage weighs in on an age-old argument.
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Carnage took to Twitter to weigh in on a hot-button issue among DJs: Should opening DJs go all out, or should they temper their approach to "warm up the crowd" for the headlining act?

This issue typically leaves DJs divided, as was the case following Carnage's input on the subject. Carnage's statement read in part, "Openers should always bang it out...that one opening slot might be in front of an important agent or promoter... give it your all... it could make or break you!" 

The conventional wisdom has been that opening DJs are primarily fulfilling a supporting role. Therefore, they should temper their approach. Those on this side of the argument will point out that the majority of the audience in all likelihood has paid to see the headliner. In their view, an opener that plays high-energy music throughout their set before the headliner has even gotten the chance to play may tire out the audience in the process. 

Carnage takes the opposite perspective, and he's not alone in that regard. Those who take this position will often point out that it's the headliner's job to entertain and what happens immediately prior to that, in their view, should have no bearing on the headliner's set. As Carnage stated, openers also see their supporting sets as an opportunity to introduce the audience to their sound. If playing high-energy music is what it takes to leave the best impression possible, that decision will ultimately influence their approach toward the opportunity. 

Where does this ultimately leave us? The solution is likely somewhere in the middle. One thing's for certain, however: This won't be the last time this issue captures the attention of fans, professionals, and of course artists.