Charlotte de Witte is giving her "New Form" livestream series a serious dose of adrenaline. The techno tastemaker is set to perform at the world-famous Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello racetrack on April 29th, 2021. 

Based in Tuscany, Italy, the track is owned by Ferrari and has been a classic home to F1 racing for decades. de Witte is celebrating the forthcoming release of her Formula EP with a special performance at the prestigious racing venue.

The idea first came about when she first re-discovered DJ Visage's "Schumacher Song," a Eurodance-style track that revs to life with the heavy-handed use of racing samples. Considering her Belgian background, de Witte felt drawn to a similar creative headspace since the Belgian Grand Prix has been a staple of the region for nearly a century. 

"After re-discovering DJ Visage’s Schumacher track, I was inspired to use unconventional racing sounds and incorporate them in my productions," de Witte said. "I’ve always been a huge fan of adrenaline and speed. Whether it’s driving motorcycles or downhill skiing, the thrill-seeking aspect of these activities have always captivated me. It’s the same thrill that drives me in my performances to massive audiences."

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Fans can pre-order the three track EP on Beatport, where they will be able to hear it exclusively a day prior to its release. Charlotte de Witte's Formula EP will arrive on streaming platforms in full on April 30th.


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