Streaming from her terrace in Ghent, Charlotte de Witte delivered fans a spellbinding performance as the day turned to dusk. The urban Belgian setting became the backdrop for a set that was almost otherworldly by contrast. The techno tastemaker was in her authentic state of experimentation and took listeners on a sonic journey for nearly ninety minutes.

de Witte branded the recent live stream a "New Form" set, potentially signifying this was the first in a series to come. Needless to say, if there's more on the way, we're on board.

The KNTXT label head dropped her Vision EP in February, which was her first release of 2020. De Witte thrives in the longer-form medium and seems to prefer it, having released three EP's throughout last year. Following her "New Form" stream, she kept her foot on the gas pedal by releasing two remixes of fellow techno heavyweight Jerome Isma-ae's 2010 progressive house smash "Hold That Sucker Down." The remixes, which arrived on celebrated Dutch dance imprint Armada Music, beautifully bridge the gap between Isma-ae's original prog sound and de Witte's frenetic, rave-oriented sound.