In 2020, DJs have taken their sets where they've never gone before, be it the Grand Canyon, a medieval castle, or even underwater. The latter was recently accomplished by Chet Porter, who delivered what is being called the "world's first underwater DJ set" during the Digital Mirage virtual music festival.

It all started just a month ago, when Chet Porter tweeted his commitment to performing a set in the most ridiculous location he could muster. That tweet evidently led him to set up a stage underwater in a backyard swimming pool.

Porter then performed a livestream set completely submerged. The producer used only a snorkel to breathe, and communicated via handwritten messages he held up to the camera. He had to be especially creative in his setup, as his laptop was left by the poolside, linked only to his underwater rig via USB. The cable itself was kept dry via a long tube that protruded out of the water, while the producer's equipment was protected by a custom acrylic case, made special for the occasion.

On its surface, the stunt would seem improbable at best, and unsafe at worst, but Porter was able to cast all doubts aside with near flawless execution. At the end of the set, he revealed that every film and event consultant he sought out prior to the stunt shared a belief that pulling this off was simply not possible.