The audiovisual maven Eric Prydz announced that a pair of new singles from his Cirez D side project are on the way.

On Twitter, he shared a teaser video for the pair featuring some of his world-famous visuals alongside text announcing the names and release date of the tracks. While the video doesn't reveal much, we can hear a steady beat and climbing bassline perfect for releases under his techno alias.

Fans have uncovered that "The Raid" is a long-sought-after ID first premiered during his performance at Lollapalooza in 2019. Now's a good time for the Prydz community as back in January, he teased a different Cirez D song—with the mysterious Acki Kokotos—which is yet to be released.

"Valborg" and "The Raid" by Cirez D are set to release Friday, May 22nd on his Mouseville Records label.




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