As the 2020 festival season approaches, concerns over the growing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have lead to the postponement of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Tomorowland Winter in the French Alps, and others, while festivals like Movement and Burning Man have opted to march on. Regular festival attendees are eager to hear the news on some of the other popular events in the near future, namely those held in Indio, California: Coachella and Stagecoach in April. 

Local officials have met to discuss the upcoming Goldenvoice events. Dr. Cameron Kaiser, a Riverside county public health officer, has decided to let both Coachella and Stagecoach proceed as planed in April. Now that it's out of the county's hands, the festivals still have the option to cancel should they see fit - but as of now they will continue on with no delay. 

The novel coronavirus has indeed affected California already, with 51 confirmed cases and infections reported in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Riverside county has not had any cases reported as of yet, but Dr. Kaiser advises that the virus is ever-changing, and individuals should remain vigilant and prepare accordingly. 

Goldenvoice has not issued an official statement as of yet, but those planning on attending 2020 festivals should act in accordance with public health standards and CDC recommendations. 

H/t: Global Dance Electronic