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DanceSafe are no strangers to sparking controversy in the name of harm reduction, and their latest endeavor is sure to turn plenty of heads. The organization now sells insufflation devices called Crisp Tubes in hopes of curbing hepatitis C and other bloodborne infections amongst those who would otherwise snort powder substances using rolled-up bills.

As pointed out on the product's page on the DanceSafe website, reusing banknotes as snorting equipment increases the likelihood of hep C transmission. Insufflation can cause blood vessels in the nasal cavity to rupture, and if blood from a hep C carrier enters the bloodstream of somebody with whom they shared a device, the latter party may contract the virus themselves. Bills exchange more hands than other devices, placing those who use them for such purposes at greater risk.

"This is not a product we launched lightly, and we know how controversial it will almost certainly be," said DanceSafe Executive Director Mitchell Gomez in a Facebook post. "Hepatitis C is the leading cause of infectious disease related deaths in the United States, and we know that sharing straws/keys/etc can result in the spread of hep C. Sharing snorting tools is also a suspected (but not proven) vector for the spread of HIV and other bloodborne pathogens."

DanceSafe was founded in 1998, and the organization has disseminated drug testing kits as well as informative literature via volunteer booths at innumerable electronic music events. Their lobbying efforts recently led to a milestone victory when Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a bill amending previous laws defining testing kits as drug paraphernalia.

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DanceSafe Crisp Tubes currently run $19.99 with free shipping.




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