Among a numerous and absurd list of celebrities insuring their body parts, a musician getting their fingers insured isn’t unheard of.

From J Lo’s alleged $300 million butt insurance to Dolly Parton’s $600,000 cleavage insurance back in the 1970’s, there’s also Rihanna’s $1 million insurance policy on her legs (And you thought she’d care a little more about her voice? Pft!) and Bruce Springsteen’s whooping $6 million insurance of his vocal chords! They get a lot more ‘interesting’ as you dig deeper, check out the 20 of ‘em here and you’ll know what we mean.

David Guetta - 2

So, it came as no surprise that the man the world has to thank, at least in major parts for, for getting dance music out to the masses from the very beginning, was considering insuring his fingers. Yup, we’re talking about the “Titanium” and “Sexy Bitch” hitmaker, David Guetta, with his fresh new dapper look et all! For all DJ’s and a lot of musicians, coming to think of it, their bread earners are their fingers. From producing (Instruments, computers, etc.) to performing (CDJ’s, turntables and the likes) it’s all with a touch/push/swipe/twist, of those fingers! And when you rank no. 7 on the Forbes’ list of highest paid DJ’s making a whooping $25 Million in the past year, sure those fingers are worth insuring!

The 49 year old French DJ says he was asked by his attorney to insure his fingers to protect him in the event of an untowardly accident that prevented him from spinning records any longer.

"I actually looked into this because my lawyer said 'You have to insure your fingers'," he told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. “I said, It sounds too crazy for me. I'm not judging anybody, but I didn't do it."

However, Guetta didn’t decide to go through with it because it sounded like a ‘crazy’ idea to him. But at the same time he was quick to clarify that he was judging no one in the process. Hey, Jeff Beck had sliced the tip of his index finger while chopping carrots and thought it was the end of his guitaring career. But good riddance (for all us fans of his insane musical skills too) it was nothing a few stitches and rest couldn’t fix. And when he got back to the grind, the incident played its part as a wake up call and led to him getting an insurance policy for his fingers worth $1 million - EACH!

You might want to reconsider the advice if you plan on making your way into a kitchen anytime soon Guetta, or just about anywhere really! However, probably consistently making it onto that Forbes Cash Kings list from the immense touring and back to back hits has made him enough to have requisite amounts tucked away for such eventualities? Let’s leave that there.

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