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The time has come for a new deadmau5 to release some new music. Almost a decade ago, deadmau5 released "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" featuring Rob Swire, a seminal track in electronic music that went on to reach platinum status and become one of his biggest and most celebrated songs. On mau5ville: level 1, set for release tomorrow, Friday, July 13 on his label mau5trap, deadmau5 reunites with Swire for the new single "Monophobia."

The complete track listing for deadmau5 mau5ville: level 1 is:

01. deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire)

02. Getter - All Is Lost (feat. nothing,nowhere.)

03. GTA - Something Like

04. deadmau5 - Monophobia (Rinzen Remix)

05. deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Latroit Extended Remix]

06. deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [ATTLAS Remix]

07. deadmau5 - Nyquist

08. deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Extended Mix]

Beatport Exclusive/Bonus Tracks:

09. deadmau5 - Monophobia (Original Mix)

10. deadmau5 - Monophobia (Latroit Extended Dub)

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