Joel Thomas Zimmerman, most commonly known as Deadmau5, has been producing music for over 10 years now.  Originally from Canada, this musician, composer, producer, and DJ is the mastermind behind some of your favorite tracks including "Ghosts N Stuff" feat. Rob Swire, "Raise Your Weapon", and "Strobe".

At the end of last year, a video surfaced of Zimmerman reacting to a Sparkee NuDisco remix of "Strobe".  Compared to the original 10 minute and 37 second long track, this remix is shorter, but keeps the original melody intact.  It also feels more upbeat thanks to the addition of new percussion, piano, and an intricate bassline.

For the most part, Zimmerman was pleasantly surprised when hearing the remix for the first time.  However, about a few minutes into the song, he made a note that the new bassline in the track is "technically impossible to do" on an instrument because it was most likely drawn or MIDI sequenced.

He also said that he would love to hear someone successfully shred that new bassline, so YouTuber Davie504 stepped up to the challenge (and crushed it, might we add).  Davie is insanely talented because he makes playing this look like a breeze.

The 2 minute and 30 second video that he posted of himself covering the riff begins with only the bass, then additional rhythms are added in.  Throughout the video, Davie and his bass are in full view so that viewers can see that it's actually him playing the entire time.  His freaky fast fingers even slow down to cover the bridge, then pick back up in pace to finish out the segment.

Check out the impressive video in full below!

H/T: digg