In an interview published today in the Niagara Falls Review, Grammy Award-nominated producer deadmau5 divulged that he has "a lot of music in the pipe" as well as a new album on the horizon.

In the wide-ranging interview, deadmau5 also went into detail about how the pandemic has affected his business, label, and upcoming tour. "My whole summer program was set to be like my biggest year," he said. "We had a record to debut at Coachella, and then the whole house of cards fell down and we were like, 'Wow, nice timing. You couldn't wait six months?'"

After teasing his stupefying "cube v3" stage production, deadmau5 was forced to postpone a barnstorming world tour due to COVID-19 concerns. "We actually built two of those stages because we were going to go hard. We were going to [tour] Europe, Asia, North America and we were going to piggyback shows," he said. "So there goes a huge chunk of change that imploded my company for the next six months."

"Times are changing but no sense crying about it," he continued. "It's just finding new ways to keep established and keep a business moving. We have over 27 employees that count on the company and the decisions that we make to keep them employed."

As of the time of writing, deadmau5 has not disclosed any further information about the new music he mentioned in the interview nor any details on a forthcoming album.  

You can read deadmau5's full Niagara Falls Review interview here.