deadmau5 fans have been in the dark in regards to the DJ/producer's mental health as of late, but he's finally broken his silence. Last month he wrote in a statement that he would be "going off the radar," and now he's followed it up with encouraging news.

In his first tweet in three weeks, deadmau5 (whose real name is Joel Zimmerman) said that his condition has improved. "With the support from Kelly, my family and friends, and the help of health professionals, I'm on the right track and I'm feeling better," he wrote.

Zimmerman's doesn't appear eager to return to social media, however. "Am I jumping back on Twitter tonight? Nah," he continued, "and for now, I'm giving the team at Mau5trap my socials to get you info on touring and stuff."

Being that Zimmerman's social media hiatus directly followed two separate incidents in which he sparked outrage with insensitive remarks, some speculated that he may have been using mental health issues to excuse his behavior. When he cancelled his headlining performance at Clubhouse Fest two weeks ago, the electronic music community began to take it more seriously.

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Zimmerman also mentioned that he will complete his European tour dates - the next of which will take place at Verti Music Hall in Berlin on November 8th.




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