On its first day of action, the Digital Mirage virtual festival raised over $90,000 for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. The festival and fundraiser, organized by Proximity and Brownies & Lemonade kicked off on YouTube on Friday and streamed for over 12 hours.

The original goal for the event was to raise $100,000 in three days. Digital Mirage kicked off its efforts with sets from Kaskade, Ghastly and more. Over the course of the Friday performances, the digital festival would raise 90% of its target donations and garner a massive number of viewers. Organizers did not have to wait long to reach their goal after the successful first night as just 14 minutes into Gryffin's opening set on the second day of the festival, the $100k target would be reached. 

On Friday, Digital Mirage opened up to 65,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube with a set from Kaskade. Throughout the day, the stream continued to maintain around 50,000 concurrent viewers as fans watched YehMe2 stream from his home kitchen, a back to back set from Said The Sky and Dabin (Dab The Sky) and much more.

Stay tuned for Digital Mirage day three here which kicks off with Louis The Child at 12PM PST. To donate to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and support musicians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic visit their official website


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