A fan trying to keep up with Diplo's antics is like a dog trying to keep up with a stallion in The Kentucky Derby. No matter how fast and how often you scroll, it seems as if every time you look up, there's a new farfetched story about him. Whether he's campaigning to portray Joe Exotic, trolling Terry Crews as a DJ at a virtual prom, or being propositioned for "no-strings sex" by Sia, you can always count on dance music's most infamous Renaissance man to keep you entertained.

Speaking of stallions, here's a video of Diplo plunging into a filthy river on a dare from chart-topping "Savage" rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

You have to respect the hustle of Diplo, who declares, "You gotta do a verse for me now," at the end of the video. Megan Thee Stallion recently commissioned Diplo's Major Lazer for an official remix of "Savage," which received a bouncy deep house rework from the Latin Grammy Award-nominated electronic trio.

You can stream Major Lazer's official "Savage" remix below.


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