DJ Max Angelo took to Twitter last night to share his anger at Diplo. It was not pretty. Max claims to have shown love for the producer at a Hong Kong show, but the love was not reciprocated from Diplo. Max describes the situation in a tweet, calling Diplo a variety of unique names like "Derpy Dick", "Clown Ass" and so on. Then Zedd threw us a curve ball, chiming in on the conversation saying "100% truth". 

This was just the beginning. Diplo had a quick response on Twitter, poking fun at Zedd for his Candyman song he created for a commercial. Ouch. 

Then it escalated, with Diplo explicitly showing followers Zedd blocked him and tweeting a condescending message back to Max Angelo. Then Diplo got a little carried away. LOL

Diplo has retweeted from his other Diplo account as well. 

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It doesn't stop there. Diplo retweeted ABSRDST’s cryptic post implying Zedd plagiarized his sounds from the hit song “Stay”. Take a listen. 

This will definitely not be the last we hear from the two. We will keep you posted with further updates. 



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