Dirtybird is breaking new ground in the livestream space with a particularly ambitious new project. The beloved label has just announced the launch of Dirtybird Live, giving fans a full dedicated channel of programming that will include more than just music.

Dirtybird Live will launch will ten new original shows, and they have no plans to stop there as fans are already being encouraged to pitch ideas of their own. The programs will feature familiar faces from the Dirtybird label in a variety of formats such as talk shows, comedy sketches, and, of course, live music performances.

Things are expected to go a little off the rails on this network as the current program set is being described as "as bizzaro as you'd hoped for." A closer look reveals a wonky lineup of shows including Darko's Dungeon featuring Steve Darko, Fantastic Voyage Mystery Box with Justin Jay, and Fresh Or Fowl with Claude VonStroke, all of which leave a lot to the imagination. 

Claude VonStroke didn't originally set out to make a TV network this year, but if there was ever a time for DJs to spread their wings into the performing arts, this may just be the best time to do it. "I wasn’t having that much fun during the pandemic but as soon as I started working on this project with our team something changed," the Dirtybird founder commented. "I finally see the opportunity to go wild online and now I’m dedicated to bring the most insane, fun and immersive experience for our fans."

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