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Following the tragic death of Mac Miller due to an accidental overdose, the late hip-hop sage's posthumous album Circles was released in January 2020. The aching record, which many found to illuminate Miller's realization of inner peace prior to his passing, featured a track titled "Blue World" that was produced in part by Disclosure's Guy Lawrence.

In a new expansive interview with NME, the Grammy Award-nominated electronic duo waxed poetic about working with Miller, saying that he was on the road to recovery at the time. "I wrote a tune with Mac Miller, and he was on the way back to recovery and health, and by all accounts it was just a tragic accident," said Lawrence.

Guy's brother and Disclosure sidekick, Howard Lawrence, shrewdly noted that Miller's demons manifest themselves in other vocations outside the music industry. "There are people in all aspects of life that are going on that same path, but when it happens within the music industry and the eyes of fame, it looks crazier," he said. "I’ve got friends who are working on banks that are on that path too." Guy echoed that sentiment, acknowledging how grateful he was to be able to take ample time off for mental health reasons. "I don’t think we said it or explicitly, but we were drained and we needed inspiration for life and music to be drawn from outside of the process of touring," he admitted.

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