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Recent show footage has revealed Crankdat has a song on the way with the literal biggest DJ in the world, DJ Diesel

Coming to a bass stage near you is a heavy-hitting track from Crankdat and the one and only Shaquille O'Neal. On Twitter, Crankdat shared a clip of the NBA legend performing at a recent event and revealed the song to be an ID from the duo.

Although the clip is just over 10 seconds long, you can hear a bit of the mechanical chaos unleashed by Crankdat combined with the larger-than-life sound you'd expect from a DJ that dominated the NBA for decades.

It's great to see how one of the most prominent athletes in the world has taken to bass music with such passion, and fans and artists alike have recognized his contributions. Through his singles, performances, and appearances, he's introduced so many people who might not have ever listened to this kind of music to a large number of headlining and rising acts. The best part is, he does it because he truly enjoys it.

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